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USAF ANG 119th Fighter Squadron Patch

4.0 inch or 100mm

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119th Fighter Squadron
Lineage. Organized as 5th Aviation School Squadron on 5 Jun 1917. Redesignated: 119th Aero Squadron on 2 Sep 1917; Detachment No, 11, Air Service, Aircraft Production on 31 JuI 1918. Demobilized on 29 May 1919. Reconstituted and consolidated (1936) with 119th Observation Squadron which, having been allotted to the New Jersey National Guard was activated on 30 Jan 1930. Ordered to active service on 16 Sep 1940. Redesignated: 119th Observation Squadron (Medium) on 13 Jan 1942; 119th Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942. Inactivated on 18 Oct 1942. Activated on 1 Mar 1943. Redesignated: 119th Reconnaissance Squadron (Fighter) on 2 Apr 1943; 490th Fighter Squadron on 11 Aug 1943. Disbanded on 1 May 1944. Reconstituted on 21 Jun 1945. Redesignated:  119th Fighter Squadron, and allotted to New Jersey Air National Guard on 24 May 1946. Federally recognized, 119th Fighter Squadron, 29 Jan 1947. Redesignated: 119th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 1 Sep 1952; 119th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 1 Jul 1955; 119th Tactical Fighter Squadron in Nov 1958; 119th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron on 27 Jan 1973; 119th Fighter Squadron on 15 Mar 1992-Present.
Assignments. Unknown, 1917-1919. New Jersey National Guard (divisional aviation, 44th Division), 30 Jan 1930; Second Corps Area, 16 Sep 1940; First Army, 3 Oct 1940; II Army Corps, c. Mar 1941; First Army, c. Jun 1941; I Air Support Command (attached to 59th Observation Group), 1 Sep 1941; 59th Observation Group, 29 Mar-18 Oct 1942. 59th Observation (later Reconnaissance, Fighter) Group, 1 Mar 1943-1 May 1944. 177th Tactical Fighter Group, 15 Oct 1962; 177th Fighter-Interceptor Group, 27 Jan 1973; 177th Fighter Group, 15 Mar 1992; 177th Fighter Wing, 1995-Present.
Stations. Hampton, Virginia, 5 Jun 1917-29 May 1919. Newark Airport, NJ, 30 Jun 1930; Fort Dix, NJ, 27 Mar 1942; Hyannis Municipal Airport, MA, 26 Aug 1942; Grenier Field, NH, 10 Oct 1942; Birmingham Municipal Airport, AL, 18 Oct 1942. Ft Myers, FL, 1 Mar 1943; Thomasville AAFld, GA, 12 Apr 1943-1 May 1944. Newark Airport, NJ,29 Jan 1947; McGuire AFB, NJ, Feb 1956; NAFEC Atlantic City, Aug 1958-Present. (Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, 26 Jan 1968-18 Jun 1969. Pueblo Crisis call-up)
Aircraft. Unknown, if any, 1917-1919. Included PT-1, BT-1, O-2 AND O-17 during period 1930-1932; O-38, 1932-c. 1937; O-46, 1936-1941; O-47, c. 1939-1942; O-49, 1941-1942; O-52, 1941-1942; O-58, 1942; P-39, 1943-1944. F-47D, 1947-1952; F-51H, 1952-1955; F-86E, 1955-1958; F-84F, 1958-1962; F-86H, 1962-1965; F-100C/F, 1965-1970; F-105B, 1970-1972; F-106A/B, 1972-1988; F-16A/B, 1988-1998; F-16C/D 1998-Present.
Operations. Evidently engaged in experimental work for Airplane Engineering Division, Bureau of Aircraft Production, 1917-1919. Emergency operations while under state control including support of rescue efforts during Moro Castle disaster off the New Jersey Coast, 8 Sep 1934. Antisubmarine patrols, 7 Dec 1941-15 Oct 1942. Replacement training, Apr 1943-Apr 1944. Air defense of the Eastern US 1955-1958, 1973-1992. Called to active duty as part of the Berlin Crisis call-up, 1961-1962. The unit remained at home station; however, the pilots were periodically rotated to Chaumont Air Base, France. Called to active duty as part of the USS Pueblo  Crisis call-up, 1968-1969. In 1984, participated in William Tell where the unit won several awards: Special Achievement Award for Professionalism and Team Spirit, Overall Best Looking Aircraft, Best F-106 Team, Major Richard I. Bong Fighter Interceptor Award, Top Gun Award, F- 106 Category Best Looking Aircraft Award, the Pratt and Whitney Award, the Sperry Corporation Award, and the General Dynamics Corporation Award. Deployed to Howard AFB, Panama from 1 May-13 Jun 1998 in support of Operation Coronet Nighthawk. Since October 1998, the unit has had an active involvement in Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Northern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Service Streamers. None.
Campaigns. Antisubmarine, American Theater.
Decorations. None.
Emblem. Approved 7 Nov 1941.

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